Mr. Freeze Original and Limited Edition Art

mr.-freeze-dc-comics-villain-artinsightsDr. Victor Fries, also known as the supervillain Mr. Freeze, used to be a renowned cryogenicist who suffered a horrible accident in his research lab. Fries' body was transformed into a cold-blooded form that must always be in sub-zero temperatures. In normal room temperatures, Fries would die. Wielding various freezing weapons and wearing a special cryo-suit, Mr. Freeze rains frozen destruction on Gotham City.   Before his accident, Victor Fries was happily married to his wife Nora. Tragedy would strike when Nora would be dianosed with a fatal, incurable disease. Desperate to save her, Fries cryogenically froze his wife while he searched for a cure. Unfortunately, a equipment malfunction/accident/sabotage in his research lab would expose Fries to toxic chemicals, transforming him and making him become Mr. Freeze, while Nora's condition deteriorated. The event unhinged Freeze somewhat, and while he remained dedicated to saving his wife, Freeze would rob banks and attack Gotham to acquire the funds to continue his research. More than anything, Mr. Freeze is a tragic villain, a victim of circumstance who is a villain purely for the sake of his beloved wife, Nora.
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