Marge Simpson Original and Limited Edition Art

Marge Simpson: Marge Jacqueline Simpson is the matriarch of the Simpson family, from The Simpsons, an animated sitcom created by Matt Groening.   Marge was born to Marjorie Jacqueline Bouvier, the third daughter of Jacqueline and Clancy Bouvier in the town of Springfield. She has two older twin sisters, Patty and Selma, who disapprove of her husband Homer. She met Homer in high school. They fell in love and got married and have three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Marge is a full-time happy homemaker and mom. She is often the moralistic force in the family and provides a grounding voice in the midst of her family's antics and is often the voice of order in the Simpson household.   She serves as a foil to her reckless and impulsive husband Homer, her mischevious and destructive son Bart and her overly idealistic and intelligent daughter Lisa, as well as the occasional havoc her baby Maggie gets into. Marge has been called a "wet blanket" by Homer for her tendency to maintain a regular routine, generally avoiding the dramatically new, different or unusual. However, her sense of order is necessary for the Simpson household and also the town of Springfield. Although her levelheadedness and wet blanket-nature is not appreciated, she is necessary in order to maintain stability in Springfield and for the Simpsons. Several times, Marge's presence or absence has had a dramatic effect on the citizens of Springfield, once sending the entire town into a chaotic riot.   Despite her strong pragmatic and moralistic streak, Marge has had a few wild escapades throughout the show's history. She's been a police officer, a real estate agent, was jailed for shoplifting, developed a gambling habit, overdosed on steroids and developed amnesia, among other experiences.
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