Lois Lane Original and Limited Edition Art

Lois-Lane-Superman-DC-Comics-ArtInsightsLois Lane is an award-winning investigative reporter for the Daily Planet, the biggest newspaper in Metropolis. Her closest colleagues include photographer Jimmy Olsen, editor Perry White, and reporter Clark Kent. She's the love interest of Superman/Clark Kent. Initially, when she met Clark Kent, she dismissed him as a kind but bumbling "farm boy" from Smallville. Ironically, when she first encounters Superman, she falls in love with the hero. Eventually, she falls in love with both Superman and Clark Kent, somehow never realizing that they are the same person. Eventually, Superman reveals his secret identity and the two finally marry. Because of her status as Superman's love interest, Lois Lane often finds herself the target of Superman's enemies including Lex Luthor, Metallo and Bizarro. Ironically, also because of her status as Superman's love interest, many criminals leave her alone out of fear of reprisal from Superman. Lois's skills as an investigative reporter often lead her to trouble, digging up stories of highly dangerous criminals or crimes. Luckily, Superman is always around to help her.
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