Lisa Simpson Original and Limited Edition Art

Lisa Simpson is the second oldest child of the Simpsons family in The Simpsons, an animated sitcom created by Matt Groening.   Lisa is the daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson in the town of Springfield. She is the middle child of the Simpsons, the younger sister of Bart and older sister to Maggie. Like her mother, Lisa is also a moral center for her family, curbing her father Homer, brother Bart and, on occasion, mother Marge. Lisa is naturally very intelligent and inquisitive, with an IQ of 159. She is smart, witty Lisa is naturally alienated from her peers through her great intelligence and concern for world problems. Lisa is constantly trying to improve her knowledge or make the world a better place, marking her as a geeky overachiever. As such, she has few real friends. Lisa deeply values her integrity, always trying to do what is right, even at the cost of other people's needs or happiness. Because of this, Lisa is occasionally rebellious and prone to a bitter attitude and anti-social behavior. Although Lisa's actions are generally constructive, she can, at times, be whiny, self-righteous and occasionally cruel. Notably, her growing sense of righteousness leads her to proselytize, sometimes spitefully, against what she perceives as wrong. Sometimes, Lisa will break the norm simply for its own sake.   Lisa is generally rather liberal. politically. She is a vegetarian, a supporter of the Free Tibet movement, an environmentalist, and generally supports Democrats. She is tolerant of the Christian church that she was raised in but is a practicing Buddhist. Lisa is also a talented musician, primarily playing the saxophone but is also a capable singer, pianist and guitarist.   Despite Lisa's high IQ and mature interests, she does have typical childhood issues. Lisa possesses some traits of a regular 8 year old girl, such as obsessing over ponies, interest in an attractive teenage idol named Corey, playing with dolls, getting addicted to tv, and fighting with her brother.
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