Green Arrow Original and Limited Edition Art

Green Arrow is a superhero vigilante who fights crime with technology, archery and martial arts. His alter-ego is liberal politician and multi-billionaire Oliver Queen, activist and owner of Queen Industries in Star City.   As a child, Oliver Queen idolized the stories of Robin Hood and took up archery like his hero. Queen became a talented archer, but because of his status as the heir to the multi-billion dollar Queen Industries, he quickly became a spoiled playboy with no real sense of responsibility or direction. Everything changed after Queen found himself shipwrecked on a remote and isolated island with nothing but a bow. He quickly learned to become a master archer and a talented tracker and hunter. The experience taught him self-reliance. His second test was when he discovered a group of drug smugglers on the island. Using his bow and his skills, Queen quickly destroyed the smuggler's drug operation and captured the smugglers before being rescued. It was at this point that Queen realized his life's goal, to protect others and fight crime with his skills with a bow.   On his return to Star City, Queen quickly established himself as the Green Arrow. Taking his cues from Batman, Green Arrow assembled himself an "Arrow Cave" complete with a supercomputer, numerous gadgets and even an "Arrow Car". Alongside his partner/sidekick Speedy, Green Arrow battles crime and evil with his quiver full of trick arrows which were designed to be nonlethal.
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Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas