Glinda the Good Witch Original and Limited Edition Art

Glinda the Good Witch is the delightful, graceful and glamorous opposite of the evil green Wicked Witch. In L. Frank Baum's children's novel, The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, Glinda is described as a beautiful young woman with long flowing red hair, blue eyes, and wearing a white gown. She is much older and more powerful than she appears, even though her appearance belies her years. The iconic role in the 1939 film was played by Billie Burke, who was well into her fifties at the time. Although, Burke's portrayal of Glinda is flighty and bubbly, she does not reveal the secret of the red shoes to Dorothy until the end of her adventure. In her wisdom, she allows Dorothy to discover for herself that she always had the power to return to Kansas. Read more about the movie here.
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