Darkseid Original and Limited Edition Art

Darkseid is the undisputed ruler of the planet, Apokolips. Before he became Darkseid, he was named Uxas, second son of the royal family of Apokolips. Uxas killed his older brother, Drax, took the power that should have been given to Drax and took on the new name, Darkseid.   Darkseid rules with an iron fist, being utterly ruthless and without mercy. He intends to conquer the universe and bring peace to all by bringing everyone under his rule. Darkseid entered into a war with the neighboring planet, New Genesis, in order to "bring peace" on his neighbor. After learning that "will" presents a "life equation', Darkseid began to seek out the Anti-Life Equation, a theoretical power that would negate will and allow him to control and dominate the universe and complete his goal.   Darkseid naturally possesses superhuman strength, durability, speed and endurance and is virtually invulnerable. He can easily go one-on-one with Superman. Darkseid's trademark ability is control over the Omega Effect, a cosmic energy that allows him to traverse time and space. His most common use of the Omega Effect is his Omega Beams, concentrated energy that he fires from his eyes. With his Omega Beams, Darkseid can teleport his target whereever he chooses and recall them at any time or erase a target from the universe and reform them later. Darkseid has pinpoint control over the Beams, literally shooting the energy in straight lines, bending, twisting or curving around corners. The Omega Effect gives Darkseid numerous other abilities, including teleportation, telekenesis, energy blasts, changing his size, and traversing through time and space.   Darkseid has two children: his first born, Kalibak, is his second in command and general of Apokolip's legions. His second born, Orion, was raised on New Genesis and, in Darkseid's eyes, is better than Kalibak in every way, despite being raised on a different planet with different values. Darkseid regularly comes into conflict with Orion. However, he does intend to Orion to eventually join him and aid in his goal of domination.
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