Clayface Original and Limited Edition Art

Clayface-DC-Comics-Villain-ArtinsightsThere have been 8 different individuals that have taken on the supervillain name of Clayface. Each one has been defined by their superpower - a malleable clay-like body that can form any shape. Every Clayface has been an enemy of Batman. The malleable, transformable body of Clayface has proven to be a difficulty for Batman to battle in the past. The alteration to his body allows Clayface to change his body shape, size, mass and density. He can also change his appearance into any form he can think of as well as easily regenerate his body if damaged. Clayface regularly transforms parts of his body into hardened blocks, sharpened blades, spikes, etc. in combat. The only real limitation appears to be a limited amount of mass. He cannot transform into something significantly larger than he is. Because of his clay-like body, Clayface seems to be naturally susceptible to the cold, causing him to become brittle.
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Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas