Chip n Dale Original and Limited Edition Art

Chip n DaleChip n Dale Chip and Dale are two chipmunk characters created by Walt Disney Productions in 1943. A pair of mischevious chipmunks who are only out for their own personal interests, Chip and Dale caused quite a few headaches for characters such as Pluto and Donald Duck.   One of their bigger claims to fame was the cartoon series "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers". The series led to a drastic change in the nature of the chipmunks. Initially troublemakers who only cared for themselves, in the series, they work as detectives solving crimes and problems for the less fortunate. In a fond nod to other series, Chip is outfitted in a leather jacket and fedora much like Indiana Jones while Dale wears a Hawaiian shirt a la Magnum PI.   Though twins, Disney made efforts to distinguish the two chipmunks from each other. Chip is the level-headed, logical one while Dale is the goofy, dim-witted one. Appearance-wise, Chip has a smaller nose and an overall cleaner appearance while Dale has a larger nose, two prominent buck teeth and ruffled fur on his head.
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Embellished Giclees On Canvas