Captain America Original and Limited Edition Art

Captain AmericaSteve Rogers was born on July 4, 1922 to poor Irish immigrant parents. Not much is known of his early life growing up during the Depression except that he was a weak, frail boy and a strong sense of duty, honor and humility was instilled in him from a young age.   After America entered WWII, Steve Rogers tried to join the Army but was constantly rejected because of his frail body and health. Desperate to join the military and fight for his nation, Steve joined a secret project to produce super soldiers called Operation Rebirth. After weeks of training and preparation, Steve was given the super soldier serum then exposed to vita-rays, special rays of radiation that would accelerate and stabilize the serum in his body. Steve Rogers was remade with a perfect human body. Unfortunately, a Nazi spy killed Dr. Erskine, the only man who knew how to produce the super soldier formula, making Rogers the only one in existence.   After additional weeks of training in combat, gymnastics and strategy, Steve Rogers was given his first assignment: find and stop the Nazi agent, the Red Skill. Rogers was then named Captain America and given his red, white and blue costume. Captain America originally used a traditional kite-shaped shield and a sidearm. He was later given his legendary circular shield by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After realizing the excellent aerodynamic properties made it an excellent offensive weapon, he abandoned his sidearm in favor of throwing his shield at his enemies.   Captain America fought throughout WWII, regularly battling the Axis powers, the Red Skull and HYDRA among many others. He was regularly accompanied by his teenage sidekick, Bucky. In the final days of the War, Captain America and Bucky were trying to stop a bomb-loaded drone-plane when the plane exploded. Bucky was seemingly killed instantly, while Captain America was thrown into the freezing cold ocean. The super soldier serum kept Captain America alive, placing him into a state of suspended animation.   Decades later, Captain America's frozen body would be found and thawed by the Avengers, a team of Marvel superheroes. He then joined them; with his superhuman abilities, training, combat expertise, experience, impressive physique, confidence and will, he became an excellent addition to the team. A born leader, Captain America would come to be seen the heart and soul of the team.   Captain America is traditionally seen as the greatest hero of the Marvel Universe. Righteous and brace, Captain America always devotes himself to the protection of the weak and the defense of freedom and justice.
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