Baymax Original and Limited Edition Art

Baymax-Big-Hero-6-Disney-ArtinsightsBaymax is one of the main characters from Disney's 2014 film Big Hero 6. Baymax is a healthcare-providing robot nurse created by Tadashi Hamada while a student at SanFransokyo Institute of Technology. Tadashi had assigned Baymax to be the caretaker of his younger brother, Hiro, and when tragedy struck the Hamada family, Baymax sets out to fix Hiro's emotional wounds. Hiro, on the other hand, tries to reprogram Baymax to be a robot assassin set out on revenge. Baymax's appearance and personality are designed to make him as comforting as possible. He is soft and round with no loud colors or designs. His voice is low and tempered. These were all intentional programs that Tadashi created so that Baymax would be the most approachable healthcare provider possible. He is extremely intelligent in ways of medical knowledge but a little clueless in the ways of a sarcastic teenage boy. Throughout the story, the two make slight changes in personality and because the bestest friends. Click here for more information!
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