Bart Simpson Original and Limited Edition Art

Bart Simpson is the eldest child of the Simpsons family in The Simpsons, an animated sitcom created by Matt Groening.   Bart is the first child of Homer and Marge Simpson and older brother to Lisa and Maggie Simpson. Bart is mischevious, rebellious, misunderstood and "potentially dangerous", with a tendency to engage in pranks that are usually harmless but annoying. Bart's interests include pulling pranks, watching tv, reading comic books, playing games, and worshiping his idol Krusty the Clown.   Bart is a self-proclaimed underachiever who is constantly in detention, usually for his many pranks and general misbehavior. He will regularly antagonize his little sister Lisa, usually by making faces, pulling pranks or destroying her property. However, despite that, Bart does occasionally play the role of the older brother and takes care of Lisa when she needs it. Bart is the de facto prankster of Springfield Elementary, with his pranks often being exceedingly elaborate and often resulting in unfortunate consequences.   Bart's overall intelligence has been shown to fluctuate wildly, sometimes being just a bit smarter or dumber than his slow father, Homer, to being as smart as or smarter than Lisa when he tries. Despite his delinquent behavior, Bart has, on many occasions, shown a considerable amount of street smarts, mental agility and understanding. Once, Bart was placed on an experimental drug for ADD called Focusyn. The drug allowed Bart to focus his energy and his intellect improved dramatically as a result. This indicates that Bart is not stupid, simply unable to concentrate on his studies. He has also shown the ability to quickly learn when he wishes to or even subconciously. He quickly learned French simply from living in France and being in proximity to the language.   Although Bart has a tendency to cause pranks that range from relatively harmless to occasionally cruel and destructive, get in trouble and is occasionally shallow and selfish, he also has many qualities of high integrity. For example, Bart regularly helps his teacher, Mrs Krabappel, and his school principal, Principal Skinner, despite his seemingly antagonistic relationship with them. He is best friends with the outcast Milhouse van Houten and is also friendly with other outcasts like Martin Prince or Ralph Wiggum. Bart's sister, Lisa, has once remarked that Bart's pranks and behavior are sometimes "borderline sociopathic", however, Bart has shown genuine remorse when his pranks lead to severe misfortune like when he got Principal Skinner fired. Bart also has crusaded to do the right thing or right a wrong when he feels it is important. Bart is a big source of comedy in The Simpsons with his insatiably mischevious but loveable personality. Like Homer, Bart comes off as a likeable character despite his faults.
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