Bane Original and Limited Edition Art

Bane is an escaped convict from the South American island of Santa Prisca. He is one of Batman's most dangerous villains but not one that Batman encounters with regularly. Bane also is occassionally Batman's ally, eventually becoming more of an anti-hero. He is known as "The Man Who Broke the Bat" after breaking Batman's back in their first encounter, forcing Batman to retire the Batman persona while he recovered.   Bane was born in the maximum security prison, Pena Duro, on the corrupt South American island, Santa Prisca. At an early age, Bane dominated the prison, inspiring fear and respect in the other inmates. He grew strong physically and mentally, reading and studying everything he could find while strengthening his body. Eventually, Bane was chosen to take part in tests for the experimental drug Venom, described by Venom himself as "part steroid, part adrenaline and more addictive than anything in existance." The drug increased Bane's already massive strength, endurance and body mass to inhuman levels.   Although his dependency on Venom is an immense weakness, Bane is actually one of Batman's greatest foes, both physically and intellectually. Bane is one of the very few of Batman's villains that knows his secret identity. He destroyed Batman by orchestrating the events of Knightfall, releasing much of Batman's rogues gallery from Arkham Asylum and allowing Batman to work himself to exhaustion before ambushing the Dark Knight and easily defeating him, by breaking the Batman's back over his knee. Bane would be defeated later by Batman.   Over the course of Bane's history, he has overcome his addiction to Venom and then take the superdrug again, only to overcome the addiction again. He also has made peace with Batman and both worked with and fought against the Dark Knight on multiple occasions.
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