Alien Original and Limited Edition Art

The Alien, also known as the Xenomorph, is an extraterrestrial, endoparasitoid alien species, possibly from the planet Proteus. Recognized as one of the most dangerous of all known alien species, these creatures are the primary antagonists and threats in the Alien movie series.   Xenomorphs require a host organism in order to reproduce. The Xenomorph's appearance will then be determined by the host organism that it spawned from. However, most adult Xenomorphs possess many similar characteristics such as a vertebrate-like body, a protective exoskeleton, a long flexible tail, a large, enlongated eyeless head, and a fanged maw which hides a retractable inner mouth. Their blood is also extremely acidic. Xenomorphs seem to possess an intelligence roughly equivalent to a primate, however, later films make it apparent that Xenomorphs are capable of quickly learning and adapting to their surroundings, such as cutting off the power in a human colony or utilizing their acidic blood to escape containment. They regularly attack from the shadows, stalking and ambushing their prey.   The Xenomorph life cycle typically begins as an egg-life creature, which after detecting the presence of a possible host, will open and release a small quasi-arachnid lifeform. This second stage creature will quickly launch itself towards its victim's face, latching on and impregnating the host with an endoparasitoid larvae, which later consumes the host from within and then exits the body as a vaguely wormlike organism (a chestburster), which will quickly grow into the adult Xenomorph.   Because of their extremely dangerous nature, Xenomorphs are regularly hunted by the Yautja, colloquially known as the Predators (Alien vs Predator).   The term "xenomorph" is derived from the Greek words xeno (meaning "stranger" or "alien") and morphe (meaning "form" or "shape") which references their alien biology and ability to take on characteristics of their hosts.
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Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas