Alice Original and Limited Edition Art

The main character from Disney's 1951 film Alice in Wonderland and the book that the film was adapted from. Alice found herself whisked away on a wild and whimsical adventure through wondrous Wonderland after following certain a White Rabbit down a rabbit hole.


The voice and the reference for animators of the character in the movie was done by Kathryn Beaumont, who has also done the voice on the self-titled attraction at Disneyland as well as in other media involving Disney, including the TV series House of Mouse and the first Kingdom Hearts video game. 


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Embellished Giclees On Canvas

Chiarograph on Paper

  • We’re All Mad Here Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Chiarograph on Paper by Heather Edwards

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Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas

  • Who are Youuu? Caterpillar Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas AP by Greg McCullough

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