Alastor Moody Original and Limited Edition Art

Alastor MoodyAlastor "Mad-Eye" Moody is a former and famous Auror (dark wizard hunter) who is hired by Albus Dumbledore to be Defense Against the Dark Arts professor during Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts. He is also a prominent member of the Order of the Phoenix, an organization founded by Dumbledore to battle the Death Eaters and Voldemort.   Throughout his career as an Auror, Alastor Moody has put away many wizard criminals. "Half the cells in Azkaban are full because of him." However, his long career of fighting dark wizards has also left him heavily scarred and prone to paranoia. Nevertheless, his is still considered a very formidable wizard. With his magical eye that can see through solid objects and his heavily scarred face, Moody tends to intimidate virtually everyone he meets.  
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