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Monday, August 9, 2010


Today Michael and I are running around like lunatics getting ready to drive to Florida to take part in our 3RD convention this summer, Star Wars Celebration 5.  


For those of you who have been sleeping inside a Tauntaun for the last 30 years, it’s the anniversary of Empire Strikes Back this year, since it was released in 1980…


So for the 5th official time on US soil, LucasFilm is throwing a con/party to celebrate, and all manner of cool geekasm inducing doodads and thingimajigs are being offered for sale exclusively there–and as you may have seen in my “Instant Insights” section of our webmagazine site, George Lucas will be there being interviewed by Jon Stewart as “The Main Event”.  


What the jabba the hut will we be doing there?  We will have a booth offering the official art of Star Wars–that is to say the art that was commissioned by LucasFilm for use as posters, books, limited editions, etc., by artists who have been working for them– some since the movies were released, some who have only recently been interpreting the stories…




The coolest things about our being there:


  1. we will be representing the art of John Alvin.   If you don’t yet know who he is, check out our fan site at www.johnalvinart.com or see him on imdb.  you can also read all about him and his importance to the history of Star Wars and film in general at rebelscum.com, where i did an interview with Andrea Alvin, his wife, who will be there with us to meet John’s fans and help carry on his legacy by displaying all his gorgeous original work from Star Wars still on the market (not much!) and some from other films too!  I am completely honored to be representing John’s original art worldwide and also honored to have an exclusive limited edition of the art he painted as he was contemplating what he would do for an official poster for C5, which he was asked to do before he passed away unexpectedly.  We don’t have much of his art on our site yet, because our new one is SO new, but i can send pictures when we get back if anyone is interested in what might still be available for purchase at that time.  The limited edition is $150 and there are only 100 of them.  There are also some new limited editions of his work at the Acme booth…
  2. We got art from Randy Martinez, who will be at our booth during the con every day, and his work is gracing every promo, every event poster, magnets, postcards, even a beachtowel.  His work melds Star Wars with Florida life, and Steve Sansweet, who KNOWS his art, bought some of the originals.  We’ll have most of the others there!  We love Randy, and Randy was a close friend of John Alvin’s, so there’s definitely some symmetry there.  
  3. We got art by William Silvers and Christian Waggoner (#1 most collected limited edition artist for LucasFilm official art!) of Star Wars imagery, and it’s the first time anyone who wants to buy art by those artists have had access to it, because George buys almost everything they’ve ever done.  Finally we’ve gotten access to a few!!  First time ever, so even for those who can’t afford it, it’ll be exciting to see them in person.  Christian will be there, and he promises to come by our booth from time to time!
  4. We get to have access to all the special items available at the Celebration store–like the Wampa with detachable arm and the Eau Lando–want to see what they’re selling?  GO HERE.
  5. Little did we know when we signed up to be part of Celebration that we get passes to “The Main Event” with George and Jon by having a booth.  Otherwise we’d have to stand in line starting the night before–(and don’t think we wouldn’t!) Oh BOY!!!!
  6. We just found out some special guest is coming to the exhibition hall early on Friday morning and “it would behoove us to be there, because we don’t want to miss it”…???  The anticipation is killing us!  We’ll keep you posted…


We are very excited.   More updates soon, on this blog…Wish the force being with us!!!


Leslie and Michael


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