Steven Messing Original and Limited Edition Art

Steven Messing is a concept artist who has worked on dozens of films.


ALIEN COVENANT   Senior Concept Designer / Matte Painter: Fox Films 2017 TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Senior Concept Designer: Paramount Pictures 2017 WESTWORLD   Matte Painter / Senior Concept Designer: HBO Films   2016 X-MEN: APOCALYPSE   Visual Effects Designer: Fox Films   2016 GAME OF THRONES Visual Effects Art Director: CHE 2015 THE MARTIAN  Senior Concept Designer: RSA Films   2015 THE HUNGER GAMES 2  Concept Designer: Lionsgate Films   2015 GODZILLA    Visual Effects Art Director: Warner Bros. Pictures    2015 BLACK SAILS SEASON 2    Visual Effects Art Director: CHE    2015 TRUE DETECTIVE 2    Matte Painter: CHE    2015 BOARDWALK EMPIRE SEASON 5    Visual Effects Art Director: CHE    2014 BLACK SAILS SEASON 1    Visual Effects Art Director: CHE    2014 BOARDWALK EMPIRE SEASON 4    Visual Effects Art Director: CHE    2013 TRANSFORMERS 4    Concept Designer: Paramount Pictures    2013 STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS    Concept Designer / Matte Painter: Paramount Pictures    2013 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5    Concept Designer: Walt Disney Pictures    2013 PROMETHEUS    Visual Effects Art Director: Fox Films    2012 OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL    Visual Effects Art Director: Walt Disney Pictures    2012 LIFE OF PIE    Visual Effects Art Director: CHE    2012 GANGSTER SQUAD    Visual Effects Art Director: CHE    2012 ENDER'S GAME    Concept Designer: Digital Domain    2012 THE ORDER OF SEVEN    Concept Designer: Walt Disney Pictures    2012 THE MAGIC KINGDOM    Concept Designer: Walt Disney Pictures    2011 WATER FOR ELEPHANTS    Matte Painter: CHE    2011 BOARDWALK EMPIRE SEASON 1    Matte Painter: CHE    2010 TRANSFORMERS 3    Concept Designer: Paramount Pictures    2010 ALICE IN WONDERLAND    Matte Painter / Concept Designer: Sony Imageworks    2010 MEDIEVAL    Concept Designer: Fox Films    2010 JACK THE GIANT KILLER    Concept Designer: New Line Cinema    2010 AVATAR    Matte Painter / Concept Designer: Lightstorm    2009 THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET    Concept Designer: Walt Disney Pictures    2009 GI JOE    Matte Painter: Digital Backlot / CIS Hollywood    2009 THE PACIFIC (HBO SERIES)    Matte Painter: CHE    2009 TUSKER    Concept Designer: Imagi    2009 THE EXPRESS    Matte Painting Supervisor: Digital Backlot    2008 BODY OF LIES    Matte Painter: Digital Backlot / Sony Imageworks    2008 GREY GARDENS    Matte Painter: Digital Backlot    2008 THE ROAD    Matte Painter: CHE    2008 CLASH OF THE TITANS    Concept Designer: Legendary Pictures    2008 STARCRAFT II (VG)    Matte Painter: Blizzard Entertainment    2008 UNNAMED IMAGEMOVERS PROJECT    Concept Designer: Walt Disney Pictures    2008 WHO DO YOU LOVE    Matte Painter: CHE    2008 JOHN ADAMS (HBO SERIES)    Matte Painter: CHE    2007 THE GOLDEN COMPASS    Matte Painter / Concept Designer: Digital Backlot    2007 SPIDERMAN 3    Matte Painter: Digital Backlot / Sony Imageworks    2007 COCA-COLA HAPPINESS FACTORY    Matte Painter: Dylan Cole Studio / Psyop    2007 ZODIAC    Matte Painter: Matte World Digital    2006 THE LAST MIMZY    Matte Painter / Concept Designer: Digital Backlot    2006 INVINCIBLE    Matte Painter: Matte World Digital    2006 GUILD WARS (VG)    Matte Painter / Concept Artist: NCSoft Corporation    2005 LINEAGE II (VG)    Concept Artist: NCSoft Corporation    2005 TABULA RASA (VG)    Concept Artist: NCSoft Corporation    2005 FORBIDDEN WARRIOR    Digital Artist: Cinamour Entertainment    2004 WARNER BROTHERS: THE WORLD IS WATCHING    Digital Artist: Warner Brothers Studios    2003
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Limited Edition Giclee on Paper