Tsuneo Sanda Original and Limited Edition Art

Artist Tsuneo Sanda was born in Osaka, Japan. He first came to Tokyo at age 23, and has been there ever since. He lives in a rural, residential town about 20km west of Tokyo with his wife and two sons.  Sanda first discovered his love for art around the age of 7, in elementary school. “We had no TV back then, and I loved reading magazines. One children’s magazine in particular had a foldout section that featured fantasy art, and I remember always looking forward to it. I would then draw something just like it. I also enjoyed drawing all over the pavement with chalks and soap stones, and I can still remember feeling happy and proud when a passersby said my pictures were good.” His early influences include Rembrandt, Belgian surrealism artist René Magritte, and American artists Paul Davis and Robert Peak.

 Sanda’s originals are a unique blend of technique and media.  An average he can complete a painting, from concept to final art, in about ten days. “I always try to take things in a natural state,” he says, though his favorite subjects include ones “where I can let my imagination run higher...”

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