Pete McKee Original and Limited Edition Art

Pete Mckee was born in February, 1966, and grew up on a Sheffield council estate. The artist lost his mother to cancer at a very early age.

 Although his dream was to go to art college he ended up working in a factory. The way he kept his artistic influences was in his band (his current band is a ukulele group under the name of The Everly Pregnant Brothers) and doing “logos and stuff of the sort,” but at that time his focus was mainly on trying to find a record producer. He started sending drawings to the Fanzine for Sheffield Wednesday and they rang offering him £50. Encouraged by this he started drawing for the Sheffield Telegraph and has continued to do so since.  McKee decided to concentrate on his painting in 2004 and began by painting with emulsion on MDF boards.

 McKee opened his first ever London show, entitled ‘Lost Weekends’ in 2007 and has also exhibited in Birmingham and New York since then. Subsequently he was commissioned by Acme Archives to interpret characters from US TV shows The Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama and Disney

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