Eric Tan Original and Limited Edition Art

Eric Tan has become something of a legend for his beautiful, retro-futurist remix posters for popular movies. His iconic and immediately recognizable work for  The Incredibles, Wall-E, Indiana Jones movies, and Ratatouille are shared and downloaded all over the internet and bought and sold as limited edition art.  Working as an in-house artist for Disney Consumer Products, Eric has access to some of the most beloved Disney and Pixar titles through which he can apply his unique talents.  His work is reminiscent of the vintage Disneyland attraction posters yet with a touch of the “now.”  On his blog, he describes himself thusly:  “Designer/Doodler. Grew up in the sleepy town of San Diego. Suffers from narcolepsy. When not working or sleeping...or sleeping at work, I usually have a skateboard, a snowboard, or a burrito in hand.”

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Limited Edition Giclee on Paper