David Nestler

David Nestler - Born on the East coast, Dave showed signed at an early age that there was promise and destination to be developed from the outcome of hours spent drawing and doodling in class. With no real direction in sight... pleasing friends, family, and agitating faculty members seemed to give Dave his greatest pleasure as an artist. After high school, Dave enrolled in the Fine Arts and General Studies program at the University of Pittsburgh. With no real challenges at hand, Dave quit after three years and enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the Visual Communications and Commercial Arts program. This was the environment where skills could be developed, mediums introduced, and styles envisioned. Dave's ability to capture the likeness' of recognizable people kept him very busy through the mid-80's. With his goals within reach, a shift in the industry occurred, and photography began to replace traditional illustration. All of a sudden, the movie posters and album covers Dave had envisioned himself creating were non-existent. At that point, Dave moved back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and began working in the advertising community. Moving through the local and regional ranks of free-lance illustrators, Dave soon found himself working on national accounts. With the end of the decade approaching, his work appeared on regional covers for TV Guide and other national publications alongside some of his biggest art school inspirations such as artists Drew Struzan and Richard Amsel. With national recognition on the horizon, the inevitable occurred. Read more about him on his site.
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