Courvoisier Original and Limited Edition Art

black pegasusCourvoisier Galleries made history when they introduced artwork from Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the world in 1938, giving us Disney's legacy of the finest animation art ever sold. The art was prepared in distinctive set-ups for Courvoisier by a special unit at the Disney Studio, sold to fine galleries, and displayed in museums across the United States. Some of the finest pieces of vintage animation art ever seen originated in the historic Courvoisier program. For more than 30 years we listened to the many art collectors who expressed the wish they could have been there when Courvoisier Galleries introduced the first piece of art from Walt Disney’s landmark feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
In 1937, Courvoisier Galleries gave Disney animation art the magic touch it needed to be considered fine art. It was no longer seen as pictures for a child's room. With the help of the Courvoisier and their marketing know-how, Disney art had climbed the fine art ladder to become welcome additions to museums, galleries, and public and private collections worldwide.
What made the artwork Courvoisier sold so unique was the style and manner in which the Disney Studios artists prepared it. The special backgrounds drawn and painted and the unique and interesting materials employed in its preparation showed the character images off to their best advantage. At that time, too, the Art Deco style was new and fresh and its influence can be seen in almost every piece of artwork prepared at Disney for sale through Courvoisier Galleries.
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